Players Apologize Through Instagram

Minggu, 31-05-2015 22:11
Atep conveys his apology after failure in AFC Cup © Sadili

PERSIB's captain Atep conveys apology to Bobotoh through his Instagram account. Representing his teammates, the Cianjur-born midfielder posted a statement following a 0-2 defeat against Kitchee SC in AFC Cup round of 16.

"This loss is a huge blow for us. We feel sad and depressed by this result, not because we may lose our job, but we are feared that we may never be in the same team again after we don't follow anymore competition.

"Representing my teammates, I'd like to apologize for the result we got (last Wednesday). We have given the most that we could, but the result's not pleasing so our journey in Asia had to stop until last 16 as well as our activities to train and to play for an unspecified amount of times. I will miss my teammates, PERSIB and atmosphere of Bobotoh," he posted in his Instagram account.

Taufiq also posted a similar statement, "We'd like to apologize for the result, especially to Bobotoh who have never stopped supporting us. We have done our best possible efforts, but the God decides otherwise. I love u #PERSIB."