Made: We're Unlucky

Sabtu, 30-05-2015 08:08
Made wirawan considered his side lacked of lucked needed against Kitchee ©

PERSIB's custodian Made Wirawan considered his side unlucky to win one-off match against Kitchee to earn AFC Cup's Quarterfinal ticket in the match held at Bandung's Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, last Wednesday. The host's path got blocked by the HK's side after a 0-2 defeat in front of cheerful home supports.

The Balinese goalkeeper assessed his teammates had done their utmost efforts to level the score in second half, but found themselves unlucky. The dominance shown still failed to redeem two goals down in the early half that saw them quited the tournament in the round of 16 in PERSIB's first ever participation.

"We lacked of determination in first half but managed to show more dominance in second half, but still failed to make an impact. We're unlucky to earn best result," he claimed.

Despite conceding two goals, Made didn't consider Kitchee players above the level of his side, though admitted that lack of of focus in first half has cost them the game.

"Nothing extraordinary, but they could make the most of their crosses and we lacked of coordination too," he stated.