Kitchee Applies Perfect Strategy

Kamis, 28-05-2015 11:05
Jose Molina Jimenez is happy after a win over PERSIB ©

Kitchee's head coach Jose Molina Jimenz was glad to earn victory over PERSIB that sent his side to progress to Quarterfinal. In the match held at Bandung's Si Jalak Harupat stadium, the win, according to him was a result of team's effort to execute game plan well.

"We played perfect football before the break. We tried to keep possession as we knew PERSIB would do the same. Our focus in first half was to keep possession. We did very well as we scored twice and controlled our own half," said the Spanish.

Molina admitted that PERSIB was far superior in the second half and gave more pressure to his side. He praised his defense line for surviving the waves of attacks the host had caused.

"In second half, Persib was more superior as they put pressure on us. They're actually a good team. It was quite difficult for us in second half, but we managed to keep our focus while producing some chances to score. I'm genuinly happy with our performance.” he conveyed.