Selasa, 26-05-2015 10:02
A total of 18 players are brought in to Bandung by Kitchee's coach Jose Molina Jimenez ahead of AFC Cup round of 16 tie against host PERSIB in Bandung next Wednesday. Among the said number, four of them are
Selasa, 26-05-2015 10:00
The General Coordinator of PERSIB home match Budhi Bram is doing his standard operational procedure in every match to remind everyone coming to stadium to abide by the rules regulated by AFC in AFC Cup 2015 as
Selasa, 26-05-2015 09:59
PERSIB's full back Tony Sucipto stated he is ready to face Hong Kong's Kitchee in AFC Cup's round of 16 at SJH Stadium next Wednesday. The versatile player is ready to be fielded outside of his usual position
Senin, 25-05-2015 19:40
General Coordinator of PERSIB's ongoing home match against Kitchee Budhi Bram confirmed today (22/5) that match ticket from AFC Cup's tie against KItchee of Hong Kong has been available to book.
Minggu, 24-05-2015 20:44
PERSIB is on good confidence ahead of AFC Cup round of 16 clash against Kitchee FC following a morale-boosting win over Selangor FA in a friendly earlier. Brace from team skipper Atep and a goal each from
Minggu, 24-05-2015 20:43
PERSIB took the first step in its bid to beat Kitchee FC ahead of AFC Cup's round of 16 clash by defeating Sleangor FA in friendly Yesterday. The West Java ambassador was proven too powerful for the last season
Sabtu, 23-05-2015 12:38
PERSIB is eagerly anticipating its vital clash against Kitchee FC of Hong Kong in AFC Cup's round of 16 next Wednesday by conducting several friendly matches with teams having good quality.
Sabtu, 23-05-2015 12:23
The turmoil occurring in Indonesia's football has reached another stage. After abolition of domestic league and tournament which was planned by the operator, the upcoming season begins to be more unclear.
Jumat, 22-05-2015 11:04
The absence of domestic league has brought huge disappointment to all footballers all around the country. PERSIB's Montenegrin forward Ilija Spasojevic is one of the players that gets frustrated by the
Kamis, 21-05-2015 13:05
PERSIB fortress will lose one of its strongholds in the decisive match against Kitchee FC of Hong Kong to fight for a spot in AFC Cup's Quarterfinal stage as Vladimir Vujovic, the defender who always featured
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